Thursday, February 2, 2012

WWE D Angelo Dinero

D Angelo in my favorite wrestler player in the WWE.I have met with him almost 4th time.He is my big fan in WWE.WWE matches will be played between the D Angelo and Brok lasener.I think brok lansner very danger player in the ring.

I have more some thing about The D Angelo because he is my favorite player in the wrestling world.I want to play with him a wrestling match but I am afraid of his kick because his kick style is danger style.Maybe I met with him because I my some friends invite him at a dinner in the USA hotel.If you are want to meeting with him so give your comments and let me know who is want to meeting with him.Thanks for like it.

WWE D Angelo Dinero look his back style
D Angelo Kick style with a wrestler player
D Angelo nice and perfect style
WWE D Angelo come on the ring
WWE D Angelo take a girl in the ring

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